Our Vision

Home of the Open Heart still has a vision for families in our local communities whose lives have been impacted by HIV. We desire to support family, by matching an income generation project to suit their needs, if they are willing to care for an orphaned relative but need financial help to accept this task. This may be a fish farm or sewing project, or some type of handicraft that ‘works’ for them according to their skills. We also desire to be involved in health andHIV/AIDS education; training people in communities that have HIV how to care for themselves and other family members that are HIV+.

We desire to form a large team of community workers to be used by God to see this vision fulfilled. If you would like to know more and/or are interested in being a part of this work team, please contact us.

We also seek to offer support to people of all ages in our community who are caring for a family member at home who is HIV+. Our goal is to offer practical assistance, education and friendship. Our staff who are medically trained offer much needed advice and training in our community during home visits. If you are interested in supporting community visits or work in caring for families affected by HIV/AIDS please indicate your interest by contacting us.

If you are interested in assisting us to begin an income-generating project with a family who are caring for an HIV orphan or a family who are caring for a family member who is HIV+, please contact us.

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