The Journey Together
It started in 1981 when we (Paul & Penny) were married. At the time we were living in Australia working, seeking God’s will, and realizing the dreams God had for our family. In the years to follow we changed tracks and started planting churches in Australia. The call to missions grew stronger in our lives and culminated in us doing our DTS with YWAM Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia in 1991.

Our Children
Luke, Jaci, Zac, and Caleb have completed school at the Family Learning Centre in Chiang Rai.

After Completing Our DTS (Discipleship Training School with YWAM)
We joined staff at YWAM Surrey Hills in Melbourne in 1991.  After serving in Australia for eight years, our family made the much planned for international relocation to Thailand. We arrived in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand in March 1999. The first two years was spent learning Thai language, discovering valuable lessons about Thai culture and making new friends. 

In fact, in the past 20+ years we haven’t stopped, learning language, making friends and learning more about this fascinating culture in our adopted country. 

We began years ago by assessing the biggest needs around us and with a heart to serve families affected by HIV, it became obvious that needs of infants and pregnant women were the most pressing. Initially we began visiting people in surrounding villages who were impacted firsthand by HIV/AIDS. Back then, in 1999 and early 2000’s we were regularly attended funerals of people who had died of AIDS. 

Penny began the ministry caring for orphans and single mothers affected by HIV. Still now together both Paul and Penny, 20+ years later, with the team of Thai staff they have nurtured continue to reach out into their Chiang Rai community, as well as being “mum and dad” to 14 Thai children who are ‘no longer orphans’. 

Paul and Penny’s 4 (now adult) birth children, who moved to Thailand with them in 1999, all completed high school in Chiang Rai and after graduating left to study abroad. Now all four live internationally (currently in Australia and USA) but are ‘richer’ from the valuable experiences they had from living cross-culturally. 

Paul and Penny have 5 grandchildren, 3 in United States and 2 in Australia.