Not easy as we thought…

Dear friends,
We are grateful for our health and that our lives are full of opportunities to impact our community, invest into the lives of our grown kids, speak destiny, influence, praying for/with younger leaders, encouraging colleagues to stay on track and refocus when needed. Our daily goal is to be intentional to take time to listen to God’s voice, then obey and never give up.

Arnie’s adoption process continues. The paperwork from Thai government arrived, after our successful court appearance on March 22nd.  HOWEVER, we thought this would be the final step, stating we are officially his parents, BUT… several days ago, after a visit to social development office, we have found there is more to the process.

We now need to go to the social welfare department head office, in Bangkok. So, would you pray with us, that these next steps, will also go smoothly and quickly? As we had planned trips to Australia and America to visit family WITH ARNIE in the next year. At this time, we have no idea of the length of this process with social development, but we have an appointment with them this next week on Tuesday, May 30.

We know God puts orphans in families and He is FOR this process, so we are asking for a miracle and we chose to look up to Jesus and not look at our circumstances, believing God is not surprised by this. He will make a way. 

Thanks for believing in our lives, thanks for partnering with us, by giving to our cause, by praying, helping to keep us accountable and by encouraging us. We appreciate you, our team of partners, our family and friends.

Paul & Penny

Update on our team

Last month we were deeply encouraged by kind responses from many of you who received our news. We are blessed beyond measure to have each and every one of you, who partner with us, encouraging us, helping us to see these kids through. We are honoured and thrilled by your love and support. 

You know, we are thrilled to have been able to be family to these precious children, most of who are now young adults. We are also grateful for our team, we value team and working in team is vital for us… Our three invaluable Thai co-workers, Kak, Narong and Supun, help us in countless ways from accounting, visa paperwork, fulfilling Gov’t requirements. They help us understand Gov’t regulations, working with social development, joining for community visits, helping us with our garden work, and so much more… all that makes up work and family life in Chiang Rai. 

Plus, our other international co-worker, Colleen, who has faithfully cared for the twins, Mercy and Faith, since they were discharged from NICU, almost 12 years ago.. These twins also come under our foundation. Later this year, their family plans to move onsite to live with us, on our property. Up until now Colleen has lived nearby, in her own home, a 2 story home, but as her mum has aged, she knows she needs more help and also to have a one story home. Colleen also needs support with the twins, who are 11 yrs old. Her elderly mother, Shirley, is 91 yrs and lives full time with them. 

Therefore, we wanted to share more about our desire to raise some funds to extend our 2 bedroom studio on our property to accommodate Colleen, Shirley, Faith & Mercy, so they can be on-site with us for the next 8-10 years or so, as the girls grow through their adolescent years. Would you consider giving a once-off gift toward this building project?


However, we wanted to send this letter today, March 9, 2023, in honour of Aub Dechaboon (pictured here with the twins 11yrs ago), Colleen’s dear husband, went unexpectedly to be with Jesus on this day, 10 years ago. He was so much more than our staff, our co-worker, he was a dear friend and beloved husband of Colleen, son-in-law to Shirley, father to Rosie, and foster dad to twins, Mercy and Faith.Please pray that the government will continue to issue us a visa to stay, we know of many friends and colleagues who in recent months are not being granted renewal of their annual visa. Colleen’s visa renewal is April 27, and our visa renewal is due August 7. We value prayer for these days. 

Our interview process (Feb 22) in preparation for Arnie’s adoption went smoothly, now we wait in anticipation for the final step of adoption, our court date on March 22.

Thanks for helping us ‘see these kids through’. It is not over yet – they are growing up so fast but they still need us as their parents even though many are young adults, university students and we are more than grateful that we can still be in Chiang Rai to fill that role. We are grateful for the times they invite us into their decision making and seek our advice. 

With love,
Paul & Penny

Let’s see them through… a view of history

Dear friends,
We thought it was pertinent to give you a brief update on each one of the Thai kids that have come through our home, that have called us Mum and Dad. 
It is amazing how the years fly by and how much they have all grown!

We wanted to ask you especially to pray for us on two IMPORTANT upcoming dates: Feb 22 & March 22! A little background is important first… Multiple times, over the years, we have inquired about legally adopting these precious children who have come into our care but always that door has closed. Instead, we have been given permission to be their legal guardians.


However, last year, when we took steps to secure a passport for 18 year old Jono, as he wanted to go to Mexico to study DTS, something quite miraculous happened in the process. Long story short, we came across a lawyer who not only provided us free services, but also successfully completed the process of me, Penny, to be legally stated as Jono’s mother! Then with that documentation, he easily obtained his passport at the passport office.

Also through the process, when I inquired if Arnie, 10 years, could be legally adopted by us, she told us she didn’t see why not! So over the past 8 months, we have prayerfully and deliberately taken all the steps under the lawyer’s guidance and instruction. As it stands, it appears like we may be able to be approved as his legal parents. So, on Feb 22nd, we will be interviewed by a panel of government workers, who will assess our suitability and experience as parents. Then, on March 22 at 9am, we will go to the Chiang Rai courthouse to stand before the judge. That should be our final step!

Please would you pray for us and for favour in this process. Without doubt, it is definitely in Arnie’s best interest to legally be our son for many reasons.

An update on all the other grown up Thai kiddos….

Belle, 26 years old, lives and works in Bangkok. 

Hope 22, and Mae, 21, both live close by each other, just 3 minutes from home, we see them often. Hope works in childcare and restaurant work. Mae works in childcare full time.

Bom & Bam both study at one of the local Chiang Rai Universities and are being diligent in their studies. Bam 21, is in her 2nd year and Bom 22 yrs, is in his 3rd year. 

Foon 21, is thriving at Cornerstone University in Michigan, USA, in his 3rd year. 

Garin, 21 yrs, works doing ground/garden maintenance, both for us, on our large property, as well as for our church at the local YMCA. 


Nui, 20 yrs, is studying DTS at YWAM Battambang, Cambodia. 

Jono, 19 yrs, plans to further his studies through YWAM’s University of the Nations, after he completes his DTS in Mexico on March 10th.  

Mai, 19 yrs, still lives at home but works full time in childcare. 

Yanee, 18 yrs, also still lives at home and is doing on-going training in life skills. Yanee’s goal is to leave home before she is 20 yrs, to serve at another YWAM location in Thailand. 

Our youngest, Arnie, 10 years, is in grade 3, and will start grade 4 in August.

Josiah 17 yrs, left our home when he was 13yrs, due to behaviour difficulties he was having at the time. However, after a couple of difficult years, has found more peace within himself and has settled very well with another family in Chiang Rai, who we know well. We are thrilled he is happy with them and we still see him regularly.

Non has just turned 12 yrs. He was able to return to his birth mother at 4 yrs, when her health had improved enough to care for him. We have stayed in touch over the years and are glad to be able to offer occasional support as needed.

That’s a long list of details and if you have made it through all that, then you must really love our kids and us. Of course, there is much more we could share and are happy to answer any questions you have, if you email us any questions. 

We are thrilled to have been able to be family to these precious children, who are now mostly young adults. Grateful that we see the ones who live in Chiang Rai regularly. Blessed to have them returning home for regular visits. Grateful for the ones who still live under our roof!

Thanks for helping us ‘see these kids through’. It is not over yet – they have grown up so fast but they still need parents and we are more than grateful that we can still be in Chiang Rai to fill that role. Please pray that the government will continue to issue us a visa to stay, we know of many friends and colleagues who in recent months are not being granted renewal of their visas. 

Thanks for praying for this process with Arnie on 22 Feb, then 22 March! God is writing a story for all of us and we are excited as we witness this part of Arnie’s story.

Please email us if you’d like to know more details on any of the above. We’d love to hear from you and what is happening in your lives too. 

Paul & Penny
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