Let’s see them through… full steam ahead 2021

Dearest friends and family,
Despite the obstacles presented in 2020, we feel like we are cruising full steam ahead into 2021. Grateful to have the opportunity to move forward. 

We trust you all had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and have embraced this New Year with joy and excitement.Many have asked about our visa “troubles” and although not yet resolved, we are much closer to reaching our goals of having all the requirements in place by mid-year to switch to a new visa type that we now can qualify for. We hope to reach these goals by April/May, which will be simpler for us and will not require nearly as much government reporting. 

Foon is more than half way into his first year at Cornerstone University, (Michigan) we were thrilled for him that he was still able to travel to USA despite all the obstacles and arrive on time to start his degree. He has settled very well, has connected with a great group of students who are a positive influence on him.  By all reports he is thriving on college life, living in at his campus dormitory. Making good grades and of course playing soccer.

Mae and Hope, even though both are working, they are still completing their Thai high school certificate part time. 

Our precious Mae recently scored herself a great job, nannying twins, for a couple who live close by. She enjoys the job, and literally has her hands full! Bom is still studying business at a local Chiang Rai university, where Bam will also start her degree soon. Plus Jono, Mai and Arnie are back in classes at school, after a few months of online classes last year. Jono will be a high school senior starting this August!Thanks for standing with us, partnering and praying for us, as we share the ups and downs of life with these ones. Thanks for your care and love for us.

Paul and Penny

Catch up with the Wilcoxes

Dear family and friends,

We have been back home in Thailand since August 10th. after being stuck in Australia for a lot longer than we wanted to be, due to covid-19 travel restrictions.

Most grateful that, through it all, we both stayed healthy despite traveling during a global pandemic.

We want to introduce our newest granddaughter, Audrey Elena, born on 4th Sept, second daughter to Jaci and Evans in Florida. We look forward to meeting her in person, hopefully in 2021.

We are so thankful for our lives in Chiang Rai, for the opportunities of influence we have. Please pray for health, strength and energy to complete our tasks each day. Grateful beyond words for all the miracles that enabled us to return home to our adopted country of Thailand. We are reminded daily of how blessed we truly are, as MANY colleagues and other folk are still “locked out” unable to travel, due to covid-19 restrictions.

With love from Penny and Paul

21 Yrs Today

Dear friends,

Today marks 21 years since our family arrived in Thailand to live. We had visited numbers of times before that but on this day 21 years ago, our family made Thailand our home. We had purchased one-way air tickets…  We are so grateful for the lessons learned and opportunities presented in our adopted country.

Our celebration today has been heightened with the fantastic news that Foon has received a full tuition scholarship to study social work at Huntington University in Indiana, USA. He has worked hard to reach this goal and we are happy for him. He plans to begin studying there in August. 

With milestones like today we cannot but help think about ….

Foon for example, who as a toddler came to us, rescued from begging on the streets of Mae Sai, Thailand’s border city with Burma and how different his life could have been. We are so grateful to God for His intervention. In the photo above you can see Foon with some children during his senior project last month… 

Another milestone… Mae (18) and Hope (19) who both now are completing their high school through the Thai part-time education system, while working in local cafes finding their way toward independence. These two girls along with Bam (18) who also has full-time work now, are planning on ‘spreading their wings’ soon toward independence and moving out of home to live nearby. They are moving to a place only 5 minutes away from home. We are so glad they feel confident to take these steps toward independence. In the photo above Bam, Nui and Hope are celebrating Nui’s 18th birthday this past week. (2 March)

It was a joy to be able to help Sriply, a lady who we have know for all the 21 years that we have lived in Thailand, to rebuild and renovate part of her small modest home in the mountains this past week. Thanks to those who give to help us do our projects in the community like this. We are more than grateful for your partnership. In the photo above you can see our team of Thai staff, with Yanee and us at Sriply‘s home in the mountains. 

Paul and Penny Wilcox