Introducing a Very Special Boy

Home of the Open Heart is a small charitable mission in Northern Thailand that cares for women and children affected by HIV/AIDS. This region of Thailand has one of the highest infection rates in the world, the virus is devastating families and creating a whole generation of orphan children. Home of the Open Heart is reaching out to those who are without hope and have no place to call home. We currently care for 12 orphans and two mums with their own young children.

This short film is about a very special young boy. At the time of the video, we were celebrating his third birthday. When he was almost five years old, he returned to live with his birth mother, whose health had improved to the point where she was able to care for him. We continue to support Non, and visit from time to time. He also occasionally returns to stay with us when school is out. He loves to talk, he loves his food, and he is full of affection for his family. You can learn all about this young boy’s uncertain beginning in this short film. We hope that it will encourage you, and that you will see what a huge difference your sponsorship can make in the life of a child like Non. Sponsoring a child is one of the most rewarding and important things you can do, because the gift of a happy childhood is priceless, and it lasts a lifetime.

For protection purposes of the child, we ask that you email Penny at [email protected] for the needed information to watch this video.

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