An Unshakable Faith 

This is the remarkable story of a young man who was 12 year old when this video was produced in 2014. This inspiring little boy has never given up the hope he needs to survive. Overcoming major obstacles in his life, his steadfast trust in God is an example to us all. This is the story of his astonishing faith.

If you would like to support him (we continue to support him although these days he lives in a village with his birth family, since 2016) or any of the children at Home of the Open Heart then please click this link. Your donations and sponsorship will change young lives forever. Thank you.

Home of the Open Heart is a mission project in Northern Thailand that reaches out to adults and children directly affected by HIV and AIDS.

You can keep up to date with all the latest news at Home of the Open Heart here.

You can view and buy Garin’s paintings here:

For protection purposes of the child, we ask that you email Penny at [email protected] for the needed information to watch this video.

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