As part of our on-going outreach to destitute mums and children we have recently welcomed Ann and Joshua in to our ever growing community. This is their story.

Anne & Joshua*The bright lights and plentiful bars of Pattaya beach resort in Eastern Thailand entices countless girls from rural regions of the country with its intoxicating promises of wealth and employment. Tragically, ‘employers’ assurances of security and happiness are often cruel deceptions where dreams turn to nightmares and young lives are left broken and without hope.

Anne’s was one such life. Caught up in a ruthless industry, she, like so many before her, fell sick and ultimately pregnant with an unplanned child. Alone, unable to work and with nowhere to live she was eventually found by the Tamar Centre, a YWAM initiative that reaches out to girls just like her.

“The people at the Tamar Centre told me about Home of the Open Heart and how they could provide a safe place for me and my baby to live. I agreed to go.”

The peaceful, rural setting of the mission in Northern Thailand is a world away from Anne’s former life but with encouragement and support she is determined to give this opportunity her very best shot. “I arrived at the mission in December 2013 with my three month old son Joshua. He is my first child. I was very sick when I got here, but my health is much better now. I have been here less than one month and I am trying to adjust to the very different culture here. It is a big change for me.”

Please pray that Anne might settle, that she might have the strength to overcome the struggles she is facing, that she might learn quickly as a new mum and grow in wisdom to discern the needs of her beautiful little boy. “I have learnt to pray and I pray for my own needs but I would like you to pray for Joshua too as he sometimes struggles to take his milk. He cannot talk yet and tell me what is wrong.”

Please pray for little Joshua, that he would grow in strength, that Anne would forge strong friendships with the other mums living here, that their shared experiences and encouragement would help her make this challenging transition from city life to a peaceful, rural and safe environment.

Thank you.