Let’s see them through

Partnering together to see these kids through….

Many of you have partnered with us since our kids were infants… so over the next year we plan to highlight/share the story of each of our kids, as most of them are in their mid to late teens, giving insight in how you can pray for us and them, as well as how you can support them in meeting their goals.  Our goal has always been to raise world changers. We are so very proud of them all. As we have looked to the future we realise ….. we need some extra support to see these kids through their university years and through to independence… most are so close!

We are more than grateful that you have partnered with us all these years, now more than ever, we invite you to see our kids through their final years of high school education and their university years. Some do not want to study at university but all are in the process of moving toward adulthood and finding their way…

Nui, pictured here, is 17 now. She joined our family when she was just one year old, in 2003. Now Nui has scored herself an internship (she doesn’t receive a wage) with a veterinarian clinic nearby where we live and she loves it. She takes herself on her scooter each day, 5 days a week, 9 hours a day. We are so proud of her. She hopes to continue to work as a vet assistant but a big piece of her heart goes out to vulnerable women and children in Thailand, who are at risk of being trafficked. Yes sadly, human trafficking is huge here… She is asking God about her future. We need you, more than ever, to stand with us to see her through to independence. Nui has a heart of gold, please pray for her and for us as we nurture her.

Our Thai staff partner with us to see our kids through. For example, when we have meetings or we travel to see our family, our precious granddaughters, Supun stays and sleeps in our house as ‘auntie’ caring for the needs of our kids, while mum and dad are away. She is an invaluable family member. She doesn’t usually live in with us but she is available for us, 8-4 Monday to Friday and she helps in a variety of ways from cooking, staying with kids while we attend meetings, shopping, cleaning, running errands, praying, etc. We need help to pay Supun’s wage each month. Our budget is short AUD$500 a month on what we need to pay her. Would you like to partner with us?

This is one way you can help us “see our kids through…”

Our next update, coming soon, will feature Foon, who is currently studying his final year of high school and is preparing for an exciting goal of studying social work as an international student in the USA.

Gifts given via USA (YWAM Montana) or in Australia (Oz Mercy) are tax deductible. Contact Penny for more details on how to give.
Thanks for your partnership.
Paul and Penny

Growing… Changing…

Dear friends,
Just wanting to share a couple of fun testimonies with you all so you are encouraged at what God is doing in Chiang Rai, Thailand with our Thai family…. thanks for partnering with us…

Bom (19 years) has started at university in Bangkok, in the past month he has made the transition from home to Bangkok and he has orientation this week, starts classes next week. We are so proud of him. Studying Business Entrepreneurship, a 4 year degree.

Two of our teenagers Hope 18 years and Bam 17 years, have had the opportunity to do a Media Training Course. How to use multi-media for advertising and promotional material. How to build websites and excel in photography and videography. This was an expensive training however they were sponsored by some Singaporean partners and this has been a valuable and beneficial tool for them to add to their resume and equip them for their future. We are incredibly grateful for the unique opportunities many of our teenagers are experiencing after so many years of being disadvantaged.

Another of our teenagers Nui, 17 years, has scored herself an internship as a veterinary assistant at the Chiang Rai Pet Hotel and Hospital. She is thoroughly enjoying this training and it has been her dream for many years to work with animals in a veterinary clinic. 

We are more than thrilled as we journey with these young people, all of whom have lived with us since they were infants. They have overcome so much, losing parents, facing life-threatening illnesses, and yet they are still walking forward in success, actively choosing each day to soldier on. We are so very proud of them all as they make great decisions and are in the process of becoming more independent.

We hope all is well for you all. Write when you have time, to let us know your news too. 
Paul and Penny Wilcox

Latest News

Hello Friends,

Life is full as we continue to be “Mum and Dad” to these ten wonderful souls (9 teenagers and one 6 year old) who live under our roof. What a privilege to have this large family and to have cared for each one since infants. We find such great joy as we continue to teach, support and journey alongside these precious ones. Six of our kids are only a little more than one year away from completing their high school, so we realise life is about to make a BIG change. Please remember us in this season…. 

All dressed up here for an evening school function. Bom is missing from this photo, as he was at his part time job! 

Paul is currently planning for and helping in a 6 week intensive with other elders from our region (He will be both participant and staff). He will be encouraging, empowering, equipping other leaders from around Asia in an Applied Practical Leadership Course (APLC). Leaders in Asia and beyond are crying out for help! How do we equip these leaders for growing ministry? How do we prepare them for going to where we are not?

The APLC (Applied Practical Leadership Course) will aim to provide a custom-made curriculum with multiple topics to address felt needs. Please pray for this intensive and exciting opportunity for so many leaders, June 30 – August 9, 2019 and especially for Paul and the other elders who are managing and steering this crucial training. 

Would you also please pray for Josiah and Garin, two of our boys, who used to live with us but are now out in their communities and growing up with others around them, that they will continue to make good life decisions. We are grateful that we are able to have regular contact.

We are more than grateful for your financial and prayer support, grateful to all of you for the many ways you partner with us in making a difference in the lives of so many. It takes a village…

The APLC (Applied Practical Leadership Course)
Place: YWAM Chiang Rai Base
For more info and to register, email: [email protected]

Quan (centre, bottom row) who has served with us for 16 years has made the difficult decision to leave, as she wants to join her husband living in Australia with their son, Quinn. We will miss her so very much. She has been a dear friend for 20 years.

Thanks for standing with us in our work in Chiang Rai, Thailand.
Paul and Penny