Preparing our kids to jump life’s hurdles.

What a privilege to be a part of discipleship of these fine young people. They’re all now in their teen years, except Arnie who’s just turned 6! Please pray for our kids as they negotiate life, education and relationships. Pray for wisdom for us as we  instruct them, train them to make good choices and help give them tools needed to jump life’s hurdles.


Arnie starts kindy

Arnie, our youngest child, has just started kindergarten and is loving it, though, at times, it’s been a big adjustment. He goes all day long and comes home quite tired. The upshot is that he loves learning.

The real good news for us is that Mae has been accepted as a teacher aide and is in the classroom with Arnie. She is full-time and is thriving but is still studying in the Thai school system.

International school, Home school, Thai school

Please pray for our kids, 7 who go to two different international schools while the others are homeschooled or go to Thai school.


We had a wonderful time at our recent YWAM Together mission conference in Pattaya. Almost 4,000 YWAMers gathered together from all over the world for a week. Including worship, outreach, encouragements and testimony. Four of our older teenage girls helped with childcare. We came away with full hearts.



Thanks for partnering with us,
Paul and Penny

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