Dear friends and family, we hope you will enjoy as we share some fun accomplishments of life with you all, so you can celebrate with us, as we enjoy the process of raising out fabulous Thai Kids.

I’m sure you’d agree that it is significant in life, not to give up, to keep persevering, with a goal that is tough to reach. We celebrated Jonathan reaching one of his goals, as an ‘Eagle Scout’. This was significant for him; tough, as well as enjoyable and worthwhile. He will be in grade 12, a high school senior soon.

Bom is doing well with his business studies are a local Chiang Rai university, and Bam is registered, ready to begin at the same time university very soon. Her first year classes start mid-year.

Hope and Mae, just this past month, graduated high school and are so glad to be all finished. Our current “third wave” of COVID-19 prevents any joint celebrations for them but we are none-the-less very proud of their achievements.

These two photos and “message”, taken from Foon’s recent Facebook post, knowing you may appreciate seeing that he is thriving in his life and studies in the United States, and yes, soccer is a part of his life still. 

Foon writes… “Grateful for the opportunity to play soccer at Cornerstone University
Blessed to have such amazing coaches and teammates.

It is Thailand’s hot season, so we headed to HuaHin beach for a holiday with our Thai staff & their children. We are so grateful to Supun, Kak & Narong who have served with us for many, many years. (See top photo of us all together.)
Arnie enjoyed horse riding for the very first time!

Thanks so much for your partnership in helping us see them through, Paul and Penny