Dear family and friends,

We have been back home in Thailand since August 10th. after being stuck in Australia for a lot longer than we wanted to be, due to covid-19 travel restrictions.

Most grateful that, through it all, we both stayed healthy despite traveling during a global pandemic.

We want to introduce our newest granddaughter, Audrey Elena, born on 4th Sept, second daughter to Jaci and Evans in Florida. We look forward to meeting her in person, hopefully in 2021.

We are so thankful for our lives in Chiang Rai, for the opportunities of influence we have. Please pray for health, strength and energy to complete our tasks each day. Grateful beyond words for all the miracles that enabled us to return home to our adopted country of Thailand. We are reminded daily of how blessed we truly are, as MANY colleagues and other folk are still “locked out” unable to travel, due to covid-19 restrictions.

With love from Penny and Paul