Dear friends,
I want to share about an exciting new season for our ministry that has been developing for some months now. It has always been a part of my heart to empower and strengthen the weak, including women and children at risk, young women with unplanned pregnancies, especially those affected by HIV/AIDS.

For several years now, it has been a struggle to maintain the staff numbers to accomplish all I have had on my heart. It continues to be our desire, however, to honour the gifts God has given us, by utilising our property to continue His work.  Recently, a partnership has been developing with another foundation, that will enable our hospice building and all of the small cottages on our property to be fully utilised again.

Due to advancements in medication for people living with HIV, the need for hospice care in Thailand is now extremely low. This is amazing news, we are rejoicing with our brothers and sisters that are HIV+ that they now have the ability to live long and full lives. We have been processing what would be best to do with our existing buildings, especially our hospice.

Throughout this process, we have been seeking advice from our mission
leadership, as well as our foundation leaders, and we are all in agreement about this next step. There have been tears as we have grieved the end of this season for this particular aspect of Home of the Open Heart’s ministry, however we are also greatly encouraged by the confirmation that this next step is from the Lord.

We wanted to update you that we have decided to maintain the use of
that property by selling it to Ezekiel Rain Foundation. Ezekiel Rain Foundation, based here in Chiang Rai, combat human trafficking and commercial sex exploitation through prevention, intervention, and after care programs that promote holistic restoration. They strengthen families and equip communities with trauma-informed care approaches to both prevent trafficking and abuse and help restore survivors. They are committed to walking with captives through the journey of healing, restoration and reconnection while addressing the supply and demand factors that contribute to trafficking and exploitation.

We are excited for the future, so grateful we can continue to make a difference in our part of the world. As you know, we are incredibly grateful for your support and would value your ongoing contributions, as we continue to seek to make an impact on all the lives of the children and women we are privileged to touch. 

Paul & Penny Wilcox

If you would like more info on how Home of the Open Heart Hospice andCottages are being repurposed. I will send you more details, including some testimonies of lives changed by our work.