We know everyone loves good news, so I wanted to send you some snippets of good news from the past few months here at Home of the Open Heart.

If you follow us on Facebook, you will know that Bam had to have a tumour removed early this year from her femur (the upper bone in her leg). We wanted you to know that she is doing so well! The surgery was a success and now, more than six months later, she is still doing great. Thanks to many of you who enabled that surgery to happen by giving. 

If you haven’t watched this short video (https://vimeo.com/96808029) where Garin shares so courageously about his past and his hopes for the future, please take a few moments to watch this. You will probably be thrilled to know that one year on, Garin’s eardrum repair surgery has been 100% successful. We are so grateful for this.We are in great need of a special ed teacher for Garin. If you know of a special ed teacher who would like to come to volunteer with us for six to twelve months, (the longer the better for consistency for Garin), please would you pass this email on, so they could watch Garin’s video and consider our need for a tutor for him. Any interest can be directed to me – [email protected]

Three of our kids (Bom, Bam & Foon – pictured above) have “graduated” from homeschooling and are now studying at international schools and we are so proud of their achievements. They are doing so VERY well and we are excited about the future prospects for them. If you’d like to help with their education, could you email me as we are needing extra funds now for that. Thanks for helping us invest in these precious lives.If you would like a 2016 calendar with photos of our children then please email Penny ([email protected]) and we would love to send you one. They make a GREAT Christmas gift too.

Last piece of great news is that VERY SOON we are re-opening our hospice. On January 15, seven courageous souls are arriving in Thailand to volunteer with us in this venture. Volunteers from Australia, USA, Canada, and Philippines. Pray for those already here, and we need AT LEAST a couple of bilingual staff too, so could you pray that this will keep moving forward.As you know the hospice has been more than a decade long project in planning and building. We are also seeking donors to give monthly to the operational costs. Thanks for considering this.














All great news. We are excited as we step out on a limb and keep trusting God to lead us forward….

Thanks for partnering with us in all the ways you do… We are encouraged to see God working miracles and changing lives each and every day. 


Penny and team at Home of the Open Heart