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by Home of the Open Heart


Categories: Newsletter

by Home of the Open Heart


Back row: Penny, Paul, G”No, Aub, Colleen, Kyndra
Front row: Gun, Kak, Moi, Kevin, Quan, Quinn, Supun, Narong

Happy New Year from us all at Home of the Open Heart!

You should have received our calendar as a Christmas gift. If not, please email us at – [email protected] if you’d like one or wish to have a bulk order to distribute for us, we still have about 200 left, so there is more to pass on to family and friends.

Our twin girls are getting bigger and healthier! Our staff Aub and Colleen, who are both medically trained, are Faith-Min and Mercy-Mai’s primary care-givers. Please pray for Aub who is facing triple bypass surgery very soon.










Dec 7th, 2012 was a big day for us – we celebrated together with over 100 people at the official opening of our hospice medical facility. It was a great day of testifying to God’s faithfulness over the years. We are in the process of official registration with the Thai Ministry of Health.Our live-in nurse Jaci is working on that along with Quan, our assistant director. Before we can proceed any further with the registration, we need a Thai-registered doctor who will sign off on our registration and commit to visit the hospice on a regular basis – please pray that we will find a doctor who will be willing to help us!

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 4.13.08 PM

On Dec 21st we welcomed baby Arnun into our family in the boys home. His HIV+ birth mum was unable to care for him. He just turned 6 months old but is the weight and size of a new-born, so he is feeding 2 hourly around the clock! :) We are sleep deprived but know it is just for a while, hopefully not too many months….. Pray for healing for him, he was born prematurely and has fibrosis in his lungs and so he struggles to breathe, it is a big effort for him.


On Sunday, January 6th, we hosted a community outreach in our front yard, featuring the Jesus Movie (in Thai) as well as live music, dramas, food and gifts. We were so pleased that over 120 people came and two people asked to borrow the movie to watch again! We decided we should host this as an annual event for our community.


Thanks for remembering us! For praying, giving and supporting our project. Your partnership encourages us.


Penelope Wilcox

P.O. Box 121 Bandu,
A. Muang
Chiang Rai 57100
Phone – 66-818811198




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