Dear Friends, Those of you who have journeyed with us through the years will know that it has been one of my core values to have houseparents in each home for the boys and girls. We are thrilled to let you know that after a long wait…. the girls now have houseparents. Moi & G’No, who have been long term staff, have accepted this new position. They moved from their local village with their youngest 14 year old daughter. Please pray for them and our girls as they adjust to this job of living full-time in our community. As a couple, Moi and G’No need more people to join their monthly support team, so if you are looking for a small pledge opportunity, of $35-$40 per month, let me know: [email protected]

Just ten months ago, we had a couple from the States join our team as the boys’ houseparents. Sadly they have resigned from this position, so we are again seeking houseparents for our boys. Mitchel and Raelyn have done an absolutely wonderful job in caring for our boys during the past 10 months, however living in Thailand and ‘our little community’ has been not quite as they expected, so they made the difficult decision to return to the States. Until we find replacement houseparents for the boys, Paul and Penny have moved into the boys home, to continue to bring stability for these precious boys. Please pray for us all in this adjustment.

Our twins are doing so well! Mercy Mai and Faith Min are pictured here with our staff Aub and Colleen. This couple are the twins’ primary caregivers, their daughter and Colleen’s mum are part of the team too.

Thanks to those who have responded generously regarding our hospice landscaping project need, we almost have enough! Please pray for us as we are currently in the process of registering our hospice with the Chiang Rai health department. We’ve been told this process will take about 4 months. Our goal is to be completed registered and approved for opening by the time our set ‘official opening date’ of Friday December 14th. Can you pray for wisdom and favour for us, as we process registration of the hospice? We are grateful that the Thai government hospital medical staff are supportive of this venture.

At the end of this month, we are hosting a team of 18 people from the USA, who will build our final cottage. Stand by for pictures of that in our next newsletter! from all of us here at Baan Nam Jai nbsp;

Penny and team at Baan Nam Jai