If you would like to commit long term to working here at Home of the Open Heart, please download the application form. Long-term staff must be willing to complete a DTS, and then enter a culture and language-learning phase upon their arrival in Thailand. The aim of this phase is to help in cultural adjustment as well as provide time for new staff to intensively learn the Thai language.



  • House Parents – who will provide a family style environment for our children
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    Ideally, we would love to have married couples come alongside of us to care for these children as houseparents, accepting all the responsibilities that parenthood entails. Since this is a 24-hour responsibility.
  • House parent assistant – to be that crucial helper at ‘rush hour’
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    We would love to have someone that would be here to help out with the children to assist the house parents to relieve some of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strain these houseparent. This would be for the house parents to get a day off, date nights, and free time. We are seeking those with a passion for discipling children.



  • Teachers (TESOL trained) – to serve at our children’s school or local hospital
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    We are seeking out someone who is teacher or TESOL trained who h
    as a desire to serve in our community and be a part of our daily lives. The local International Christian school where some of our children attend are seeking teachers as well as those trained in TESOL, for our children to attend the school have offered the privilege of a discount, affordable education through this school if we supply a TESOL/teacher to volunteer at the school.
  • Tutors/Special Needs Teachers – to assist our children with the excess amount of homework or who may be struggling to succeed
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    We are also seeking a special needs teacher who has training and experience with special needs children. We have children who need extra attention and help with schoolwork.


Single Mums

  • Women’s Ministry Coordinator –  to serve giving with our single mums essential life skills
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    We are seeking a bilingual woman (or couple) for a live-in position with a passion for discipleship and passing on life skills. Experience in (or willingness to learn) HIV, conflict resolution, income generation projects, maternal and child health and coordination of handicraft projects is essential.

Office/General Staff

  • Office Manager – to manage the ministry’s daily needs. 
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    We have an on-site office where our manager would oversee our ministry’s daily functions and be attentive to the needs of the property.
  • Communications Coordinator – to continually keep our supporters updated with a variety of things.
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    We are seeking an individual who has a heart to tastefully and accurately promote Home of the Open Heart. This would include helping with writing and publishing monthly newsletters and Facebook, updating our website regularly, (managed with WordPress), taking photographs, and designing brochures. We want to keep our supporters informed, motivated and encouraged by what God is doing.
  • Horticulture Worker/Advisor – to help maintain, train and educate others in horticulture.
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    We are looking for someone trained in horticulture who has the desire to come alongside us to help us maintain our property. We have many fruit trees and gardens that need daily maintenance. We also desire that this person could train and educate our teens and others in horticulture, so we could have a sustainable team. Also to implement the future land project. Read more under Future Land

  • Community Team
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    We would love a “community team” who will be fluent in Thai language. This would entail visiting families affected by HIV/AIDS, helping develop sustainable income-generating projects; forming solid, lasting relationships with the families in the community, with the primary goal of helping people help themselves within our community. Regular follow up with the children and their families, who were a part of our big family but now have returned to live with their birth parent. More about this under Future on community page


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