Dear Friends,

Thanks to those who have written and encouraged us since our last letter where we featured Nui and her current internship, as a veterinarian assistant. You will remember that Nui is in the process of reaching this goal as she continues to work long hours. We are more than proud of her as she perseveres at the task. 

This newsletter we want to feature Foon, who is 18 years old and is doing his final year of high school. Exciting news for Foon is that in the last month he received a letter of acceptance to a university in USA. He wants to study social work. We are so proud of Foon, he is making great life choices and is doing very well with his studies. As you most probably know, Foon came to live with us when he was just two years old, and it has been our absolute joy to help steer this young man and now see him confident and ready to venture out into his adult life. 

Please could you pray that Foon will to be approved to receive the tuition and room & board scholarships needed for him to study in USA. We applied for these scholarships together, and will find out by February, 2020 if our applications were successful. Obviously he will need support in this adventure and we will continue to walk the journey with him. If you want to specifically help Foon reach his goals, please reply to this email and let us know.

In past years we have produced a wall calendar, however this year as a change we have a 4×6 fridge magnet with our family photo on it as a gift… see photos above. If you would use a fridge magnet, please send your postal address, with your preference of photo 1 or photo 2 and we will post to you. 

Many blessings for the upcoming Christmas Season…
Penny and Paul Wilcox