Dear Friends,
Life in Thailand continues to bring joy. It is an amazing privilege to have the opportunity to disciple these children and teens in our home…. We are grateful!

Many of you know, our mandate, part of the core values of who we are, is that we keep family together wherever possible. We have been reminded of this in recent months, since discovering that Garin’s mother, who we had been told passed away years ago, is actually alive, taking medication for her HIV and doing so well. We decided to give Garin and his mother the opportunity to be together, and they both were thrilled with the idea. Whilst it is a time of adjustment, we know that it is right – it is God’s heart for families to be together wherever possible, and so we have the peace and assurance that Garin is in the right place. We speak with him often and he is doing very well.

Not sure if it is only in Thailand that grade 6 boys graduate primary/elementary school with frangipani flowers in their hair! We are so proud of our Jonathan who graduated this past week, also he has been school captain for this past year.



We at Home of the Open Heart are overjoyed to announce that our hospice, at long last, is up and running! In February 2016 we admitted our first patient and are currently in the process of assessing other potential patients. Although it has been a long time in the making, we are so excited to finally see the vision come to fruition.

IMG_0598It has truly been a pioneering undertaking to introduce palliative care to the Thai community, for whom this is an entirely foreign concept. We are so grateful to God for opening the doors (and windows) throughout this process, and to all of those who have been involved with us for their continued prayers and support.

Currently the hospice is staffed by two long-term nurses, as well as multiple nurses from around the world who have volunteered to share their experience and knowledge with us for brief periods of time.The children of Home of the Open Heart have also been involved in assisting our medical staff with basic domestic responsibilities and translation. It is our hope and intention to eventually staff at least four long-term, full-time registered nurses here, as well as Thai interpreters and Thai-speaking nurses. Short-term, qualified nurses and medical staff are welcome to volunteer as well.

IMG_0599The hospice is equipped to treat six patients who are both HIV positive and without any form of support from family or the community. In addition to staffing goals, our hope is to admit four more patients within the next
sixty days.

Continued prayer for staffing needs, patient admittance, and a smooth transition for everyone involved requested and greatly appreciated!

Penny and the team